Blogger Biographies

Nicole 11Nicole is the President of the Book Gossips and our resident mother hen. She is a wife and mother of two adoring little princesses. Nicole is Young Adult  and New Adult genre obsessed, beginning with the ‘Twilight’ series and then becoming obsessed with Richelle Mead and ‘The Vampire Academy’ series. Nicole loves a good paranormal romance or contemporary romance book, basically anything as long as there is a cute boy and a love story. She often has to resort to hiding and smuggling books into her house, to avoid detection. Here she has the opportunity to write and critique all the books she reads.

Debby 4Debby is our Editor-in-Chief and Book Gossips very own ‘go-to girl’. As a child, her parents had to force her to go outside and get her nose out of those books! She has a degree in English Literature from McMaster University in Canada, is an avid reader and aspiring author. Don’t be fooled by her qualifications though, Deb is a fun-loving, bubbly and loud personality who reads books from all types of genres. She particularly likes fantasy novels and anything that makes her think and gives her a break from reality.



Kelly 12Kelly is the secretary and organiser of the Book Gossips. She has a degree in Education, and when she is not reading her latest page turner, she is teaching primary school children. She is usually in charge of any paperwork, meeting plans or planning concepts. Kelly loves to read a wide range of genre and is known to get completely absorbed in a book or book series, usually reading them until late in the night.




Laura 15Laura is a newlywed and the Manager of Book Gossips Face Book page. She is the epitome of what this group is all about, and is an ultimate book lover. Laura has been an avid reader since the age of 10. The first book she read was ‘The Children of Cherry Tree Farm’ by Enid Blyton, followed closely behind by the ‘Harry Potter’ series. The early experiences with these genres have influenced her interests as an adult today. She has a stack of books next to her bedside, at all times, and struggles to get through them all! She loves nothing more than curling up with a good book on sleepy Sunday and getting completely absorbed in any novel.


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