Review- Inception (The Destined Series # 1.5) by Ashley Suzanne

Inception Ebook[1]


Title: Inception (The Destined Series # 1.5)
Author: Ashley Suzanne
Genre: Young Adult/ Romance
Release Date: 2013
Pages: 95
Reviewer: Kelly

*** Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review***

Inception is the almost like a prologue to Mirage. It explains the life of Mira and Danny before the motorcycle accident in Mirage. The novel describes things from only Danny’s point of view, starting from their first meeting on college Orientation Day and ending in the aftermath of the accident. It explores Danny’s relationship with Skylar and his family.

After the ending of Mirage, Inception starts in the most unimaginable place- back at the very beginning! It took me all of Chapter One to realise what was going on and whose point of view we were reading. So when I discovered that Suzanne was torturing us with the back story of Mira and Danny, from Danny’s point of view, I was so incredibly frustrated! Though I suppose this frustration did what Suzanne hoped it would, it made me read it faster to get to the end, hopefully with some answers and a reason to read the next book Awakening!

Now I have to say I did enjoy finding out about how they met, and how Danny felt about Mira. Inception was written entirely from Danny’s point of view. It was interesting to learn about a character that you didn’t know much about from reading Mirage. It gave the reader an opportunity to really understand things about him, not just snippets of memories provided by Mira or Skylar.

The one thing I would have loved the novel to do was tell the story from Skylar’s point of view as well. Our knowledge from Mirage and the explanations in the story tell the reader enough from Danny’s point of view to know what Skylar is probably feeling, but I think it would have added another dimension to the plotline. The things Danny notices, and the things that Mira is so oblivious too, are very obvious in this novel.

I’m an impatient person so I am glad that Suzanne made this novel so short, as more elaboration would have made it a long and dull read. As it was there were some points were I felt Suzanne was rehashing irrelevant details. Though she did provide enough information to understand the intricate dynamic between Danny, Mira and Skylar. In other words she got us prepared for whatever concoction she has brewed up in Awakening.

Read this quickly then get a copy of Awakening!

lips grey 3.5

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