Review – The Hunger Games – Mocking Jay (book 3) by Suzanne Collins


Title – The Hunger Games – Mocking jay
Author – Suzanne Collins
Genre – Science Fiction
Pages – 455
Reviewer – Laura

****SOME spoilers alert****


” If we burn, you burn with us!”

Katniss Everdeen’s Final Battle Has Begun!


Well this definitely was not what I expected!  After loving the first 2 books in The Hunger Games Trilogy – I found I was a little disappointed with the concluding book.

First of all, I felt the book was lacking the action packed pace that was evident in the first 2 books, which made the reading process a little boring.

In the beginning, Katniss was not her normal strong, brave self. She just seemed lazy, selfish and depressed! Now, I understand that going through two hunger games would be quite horrific – especially with the ongoing threat from President Snow to murder her entire family – and I understand that these things would take some time to recover from but honestly it took forever for her to realize that she needed to wake up and do something!!! She seemed as though she was drained of the fire that she possessed in the first two installments, which is what made me so fond of her character in the first place.

When Peeta finally gets rescued from District 13, he is brainwashed, goes crazy, and keeps trying to kill Katniss! I actually didn’t mind this part of the book as it was an unexpected direction for the plot, and I think that Peeta’s brutal honesty towards Katniss was quite a wake-up call for her.

I was really glad that Gale was given more page time! Anyone who has been following my Hunger Games reviews would know that I have been on team Gale all the way. It was weird to me that Gale seemed to be fighting for her in the last two books, yet in this one it’s like he just gave up! The resolution of the story seemed to mirror Gale’s actions, it felt like there had been so much effort put into the first two books that by the end the emotion had just run out.  While I realize this is a dystopian story, the genre did not prepare me for the ending, which seriously lacked the emotional punch of all that had come before.

I know most of this review seems quite negative as I’ve pointed out the parts that disappointed me the most, but while saying all of that I can’t deny that I really do love this series, and I did enjoy reading all of the books.

Whilst this book was the most disappointing out of the 3, the whole series put together is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone to read, if you haven’t already!

Obviously this story is about so much more than a boy and girl falling in love – it is about war, human tragedy, the importance of hope, and the fact that people will do anything for those that they love!

lips grey 3.5

4 thoughts on “Review – The Hunger Games – Mocking Jay (book 3) by Suzanne Collins

  1. It was a great trilogy, I must say I enjoyed it, though I really don’t like Katniss’s character. Much prefer her in the films. SPOILER: One thing I really didn’t like was how quick and inconsequential Finnick’s demise was 😦

  2. Good review. I felt the exact same way when I finished the last book of the series. Wishing it had a much better and clearer cleaner ending, for the three main character’s, especially with Katniss’s character.

    Best Regards,

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