Review- Unbreakable (Legion # 1) by Kami Garcia



Title: Unbreakable (Legion # 1)
Author: Kami Garcia
Genre: Mystery/Paranormal/Romance
Publication:  Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2013
Pages: 305
Reviewer: Kelly

Kennedy Waters didn’t believe in ghosts, until one tried to kill her.

When Kennedy finds her mother dead, her world unravels. Then she meets gorgeous identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart who reveal that her mother was part of the Legion, a secret society responsible for protecting the world- a society whose five members were all murdered on the same night.

Now the Lockhart’s need Kennedy’s help to track down the evil being responsible – will they be able to destroy it before it kills again?

Unbreakable is the first book in the new Legion series by Kami Garcia. It centres on the life of seventeen year old Kennedy Waters. Kennedy was just a normal school girl until her mother is murdered and she becomes a part of the Legion. The Legion is a secret society that protects the world against evil spirits. The Legion consists of five living members at any one time. The current five members being teenagers, Kennedy, the Lockhart twins Jared and Lukus, Alara the granddaughter of a Haitian witch doctor and Priest the genius grandson of a spirit based mechanical engineer.  They must work together to stop the evil demon Andras from entering and destroying the world.

Wow, wow, wow! This book had me hooked from the first chapter! I read this entire book in a day! Kami Garcia truly outdid herself with her descriptive and suspenseful writing. The story was new and refreshing being about spirits, ghosts and ghost hunters. The mystery of the unknown and the sleuthing that the characters needed to do kept you gripped throughout the story.

Kami Garcia did a fantastic job in using emotive language in the story, to the point where you feel as though you are in the scene. This book did what no book has done before; it made me so scared that I had to sleep with the light on! Now I am not a person who likes scary stories, movies or shows, so I always steer clear from this genre. Though I never imagined that a book of this genre would also make me feel so scared! Garcia wrote so well that I could picture the scene as if I was the character being just as fearful of what lay ahead.

The storyline was mysterious and suspenseful, with the reader piecing together this mystical world of the Legion alongside Kennedy. The reference of the Legion to an actual historical group made the story feel even more real. As the teenagers work together to solve new clues and go on an adventure to stop evil spirits the reader becomes more engrossed with every step along the way. The twists and turns made me read faster as I was anxious to discover what was going to happen next!

The romance in Unbreakable was subtle and slowly developing in this story. It allowed the reader to see every angle of the characters and understand their true intentions and feelings. It also made the story a real page turner as I was excited to find out what, when and how the love story would develop.  The romance, however, didn’t overpower the story but was necessary to make it a well rounded read.

I cannot believe there is not a sequel out yet! Pick up a copy of this book and read it now!

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