Review: While It Lasts by Abbi Glines


Title: While it Lasts (Book #3 from the Sea Breeze Series)
Author: Abbi Glines
Pages: 267
Genre: New Adult – Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Nicole

Trouble follows Cage York around. Usually his charm gets him off the hook, but this time his recklessness means he’s spending his summer sweeping out barns and babysitting cows, instead of enjoying late-night hook-ups.

The only bright spot is Eva, an uptight, snarky brunette who seems immune to Cage’s advances. Behind those big blue eyes and fiery temper, Eva is nursing a broken heart and the last thing she needs is a player like Cage flashing his irritating (though admittedly gorgeous) smile in her direction.

But as the humidity rises, Cage begins to crack Eva’s carefully built walls as the two of them learn that what they want, and need, may be something they never expected…


While it Lasts by Abbi Glines, is another great addition to the Sea Breeze Series. It fulfilled my quota for a quick, easy read with lots of sexual tension, lust, love and sex!

In this installment, the character in the spotlight is the commitment phobic / player of the group Cage York, which flows on nicely after the last installment of the series, Because of Low. Cage gets done for DUI and could lose his baseball scholarship. But his coach makes a deal with him that if he works at his brother’s farm for the summer and doesn’t get into any mischief, he will overlook the DUI. It’s at the farm he meets the breathtaking beauty Eva, who is not only the very first girl to make his chest constrict but is also the first girl who seems to outright dislike him at first sight. Cage loves the challenge that presents itself and the more Eva ignores and tries push him away, the more Cage is determined to get her to notice him, the real him. Once he breaks through Eva’s walls, he not only faces the challenge of her father standing in their way but Cages biggest challenge is getting Eva to let go of her past.

I love the way Abbi Glines creates sexy, bad boy characters that always have this vulnerable side. Cage, who is one of the man whores of the group, is a complete commitment phobic who has never fallen in love with a girl or let a girl get close (beside Low of course), fearing that once he lets them into his heart, they will abandon him. Cage’s character development in this book sees him overcome his feelings of worthlessness as well as overcoming his fear of letting someone into his heart. Watching him and his realization that he had fallen in love was truly a touching moment.

The only minor negative for me on this installment, is the character of Eva. I usually like the sweet country type of gals but I was disappointed that I just couldn’t connect with her character. While I appreciate she was supposed to be cold and stand off-ish, I felt she was a bit two dimensional and lacking depth. Even as the plot progressed and her character evolved, I never really warmed up to her. That aside, I still have to commend the way she ultimately stood up to her father and put herself out there on stage for Cage to win his heart back.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and the chemistry between the characters – it was an enjoyable read, light easy and very pleasant!

lips grey 3.5

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