Review – Dare You To by Katie McGarry


Title: Dare You To (Book 2 Harlequin Series)
Author: Katie McGarry
Pages: 456
Genre: New Adult – Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Nicole


Beth Risk has spent her whole life hiding the truth about her family and never letting anyone get too close.

Suddenly sent to live with an uncle she barely knows, she’s struggling to start afresh in a new town and at a new school that doesn’t get her. At all.

Ryan Stone is the school’s gorgeous golden boy – with secrets he can’t tell anyone. As Ryan and Beth dare to let each other in, they’re treading on dangerous ground – and the consequences could change their lives forever.


Katie McGarry has delivered another solid installment to her “Harlequin Series” Dare You To.

This installment focuses on Noah’s friend, Beth Risk, who we first met in Pushing the Limits. Beth’s mother is a drug and alcohol addict whose loser boyfriend uses both her and Beth has his personal punching bag. In order to save her mother from going to jail Beth takes the blame for an incident, a decision that results in changes to Beth’s life on many different levels. Her rich and famous long lost uncle comes to bail her out of jail and blackmails Beth’s mother to take custody over Beth. Beth now has the opportunity of a clean slate at life, but can she give up the guilt that consumes her, open up to let people in that care about her and trust them?

The characters in this book are a complete role reversal from the previous installment.  Instead of the “Good girl who falls for the bad boy, who is really good but misunderstood” we have “Good guy who falls for the bad girl, who is really good but misunderstood”, which to be completely honest, didn’t have quite the same appeal. The “Good” guy, which was Ryan Stone’s character was too good, polite and way too pure. While he was gorgeous, the best pitcher and most popular guy in school who did have his own inner conflicts to deal with, he never got under my skin – I wasn’t dreaming about him or wishing he was mine. I decided after reading this book I am definitely all about the rugged, raw, dark and mysterious, beautiful bad boy, male leading characters. The “Bad” girl, which is Beth Risk’s character, is so damaged on many levels.  Her past is nothing but emotional, mental and physical abuse by the key role models in her life and anyone she let in and cared about left her so you can understand her trust issues.  It was very enjoyable to see her guarded character open up, love and trust again and get a well deserved happy ending.

The overall story around Beth and Ryan was very compelling and captured me with the believability of their character.  I love how they came together and became each other’s solid ground and how the important message was more about trust than love in this story, because let’s face it anyone can be in love but if there is no trust there is no lasting relationship!

Dare you to is a well written, captivating read and I look forward in reading Isaiah’s story, Crash into you, the next installment to this series – my heart broke for him in this story and his character definitely needs a happy ending!

lips grey 4

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