Review – Out Of Breath by Rebecca Donovan


Title – Out of breath (Book #3 Breathing Series)
Author – Rebecca Donovan
Genre – Young Adult – Comtemporary Romance 
Number of Pages – 488
Reviewer – Laura


Those she trusted betrayed her. Her broken heart still wounds her…
Emma trusts no one and she can’t let anyone in, not when she knows all they’ll find is darkness. But some people won’t take no for an answer and Emma must decide if the hidden truths and painful secrets are enough to let go of the possibility of love – forever.


Out of Breath is the third book from the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan. It begins with Emma Thomas, who has left her life in Weslyn behind to attend Stanford University in California, where she has been for the last 2 years. Here, she has built a new life, with a brand new group of friends, however, Emma is still struggling greatly with her past, and the secrets that lie there. These secrets seem to be stopping her from moving on until, due to untimely circumstances, she needs to return to Weslyn, where she can start facing her past decisions, one step at a time.


***Spoiler alert***

After finishing Barely Breathing some time ago, which left off with a major cliff-hanger, I was so excited to read the third, and final, installment of this series.  I am glad to say that the wait definitely did not disappoint!

This series has actually shaken me to the core! After reading all the awful things that poor Emma Thomas had to go through, I am so happy that the book started with her in a somewhat positive state of mind. While Emma seems to have met some really great new friends, it’s clear that she is still feeling the repercussions of her past and the way she left things two years ago.  In reality, she is still the same broken girl that left Weslyn, and Evan, behind!

I found that I didn’t feel as sorry for Emma in this book as I did in the previous two installments. Admittedly, she has had a very hard and heartbreaking life, but the person I felt the most sympathy for this time around was Evan Matthews. I felt horrible for him when he saw Emma after all that time, only to find that she was still the same broken girl that left him behind. What I loved the most, was the fact that from that day forward, he knew that even though she had left him, he would not leave her side ever again!

Emma’s character did frustrate me a little at times. The fact that she suddenly turns to alcohol to solve her problems really bothered me, especially after everything she has been through. I still can’t get my head around why she felt the need to keep getting in touch with Jonathon (the other boy she left behind). My loyalty obviously rests with Evan, and the connection that Emma thinks she and Jonathan had frustrates me when I feel they nothing alike at all!

I loved Emma’s new group of friends and I felt that Meg, Serena, and Peyton really added a lot to the story. I enjoyed the way they looked out for Emma, and could tell what she really wanted before even she knew what it was – especially Serena.

The introduction of yet another love interest in Emma’s life seemed a little unfortunate; like she didn’t have enough going on already!  Overall, I have to admit that I liked the character of Cole – he is the ultimate nice guy.  His appearance definitely added intrigue to the plot as it resulted in the Emma – Cole – Evan love triangle (I was definitely Team Evan all the way!).

Arriving at the conclusion of the Breathing series, I feel satisfied and happy with the outcome! It was a great end to Emma’s story, and I would definitely recommend anyone to go out and get these books, if you don’t have them in your TBR pile already!

lips grey 4.5

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10 thoughts on “Review – Out Of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

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  3. A new love interest in the final book of the trilogy? From a reader’s perspective that’s a bit of a red herring, especially when it’s been ‘two horse race’ in previous novels – I’m guessing she doesn’t end up with Cole. I haven’t read this series, but it sounds like a good YA-NA bridge book. The “turns to alcohol” part of the storyline is a bit disappointing, I’m not sure that as a heroine Emma would really be my cup of tea, but your enthusiasm for this series is a little infectious. I shall check out some more review of this series before I cross it off for good. Thanks honey! 🙂

    • Thank you Annie for taking the time to ready my review. Hopefully you take the time to read the series, It is an emotional journey for Emma is a very strong heroine in the first book but she does lose her strength throughout the series. Yes, her life does spiral out of control but she becomes fustrating by not seeing that there are people her love her and want to help her. Let me know your thoughts if you decide to read this series.

      • Will do! It sounds like one I’d want to vent about anyway! 🙂 I know, I know, perfect characters would be boring to read about, lol. Have you decided what’s next for you?

      • Thanks! You too. I read the trilogy earlier this year (well I may have cheated a wee bit and listened via audible) spurred on by the first film. 🙂

  4. i honestly found the book to be a huge disappointment especially when the first 2 books create such emotional tension and anticipation and of course its Rebecca Donovan so i was hoping for a fantastic read but i was just disappointed by it.

    • I can definately understand how you could be disappointed in the last book compared to the first two books in the series.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review and comment! Its always great to get feedback. xx

  5. I have to admit I fell in love with these books. I honestly think I will read them again! I really love your review! I even recommended this book to a friend! She also likes these books! Thanks for taking the time for reviewing cause when I seen the breathing series reviews, it caught my attention! I loved them so much!

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