Review – Just for Now by Abbi Glines

just for now


Title: Just for Now (Book 4 from the Sea Breeze Series)
Author: Abbi Glines
Pages: 307
Genre: New Adult – Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Nicole


Preston Drake is one bad boy. He has a different girl in his bed every night, which is just how he likes it – no strings, no issues, just fun. The problem is, he keeps finding himself thinking about the one girl he shouldn’t….his best friend’s little sister, who’s suddenly all grown up. Amanda Hardy has had a crush on Preston forever, but his reputation always kept her away. Now that it seems the attraction might be mutual, it’s getting harder to ignore her feelings… No one wants them to be together – but their attraction is too strong to keep them apart.


Abbi Glines has delivered on another fantastic installment to her Sea Breeze Series with Just for Now, which is definitely my favorite installment yet – I absolutely loved it! Just for Now has its usual “Abbi Glines” dosage of great chemistry, passion, lust, love and sex, focused around our favorite Breathe characters, with Preston and Amanda Hardy being in the spotlight this time.  What makes this installment the best so far is its excellent plot, which showed more depth, detail and emotion.  The contributing factors of the complexity and experience of Preston’s character mixed with the sweet innocence of Amanda’s character made the overall package a perfect combination. I love how this book shone the light onto a completely different side of Preston’s character. I wouldn’t have expected that the happy go lucky, and some may say even shallow, character portrayed in the previous books was actually a camouflage hiding Preston’s real life.  This camouflage was concealing his mystery job as well as his inner turmoil, conflict and embarrassment of looking after his family, which created a depth to this plot that wasn’t present in the previous books. I also had the biggest soft spot for Amanda’s character because I could relate to her so well.  Being my brother’s little sister, I know fair well the hardships and challenges you face to create your own identity, instead of being “branded” as “so-in-so’s little sister”, with no one other than his close friends and people around you even knowing you by your “actual” name.  Gaining your identity is a big enough hurdle to overcome, never mind the following hurdle of his friends realizing that you actually do grow up, mature and have hormones kick in! What a surprise to everyone that “so and so’s little sister” actually has become a sexual person like the rest of the world and you didn’t stay the young naïve teenager forever!! So, I guess you can say this installment will always hold little place in my heart!  I cannot wait to see where Abbi Glines takes the next installment and find out which characters will be in the spotlight next to get their happy ending! lips grey 4.5

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