Review – Effortless by S.C Stephens



Title: EFFORTLESS (Volume 2 of the Thoughtless Series)
Author: S.C Stephens
Pages: 487
Genre: New Adult – Romance
Reviewer: Nicole

After being caught in the middle of a love triangle which led to a devastating betrayal, Keira pledged to learn from the mistakes she’d made. She was determined to never inflict that kind of pain on anyone, especially the soulful, talented man who held her heart. But life offers new challenges for every relationship, and when Keira’s love is put to the ultimate test, will it survive? Love is easy….trust is hard.

S.C Stephens has delivered on another fantastic instalment to her Thoughtless Series, Effortless, by portraying the real, raw emotions and situations that occur in a relationship that began and blossomed in the betrayal of another relationship.

This instalment begins with Keira and Kellan happy in their relationship.  Keira is still living with her sister Anna, starting her final year of college and working at Pete’s Bar.  Kellan and the D-Bags are still rocking at Pete’s Bar and have landed a spot at Seattle Music Festival, Bumbershoot! But at the festival, the D-Bags get noticed and are offered an opportunity of a life time – to go on six month tour with a group of reputable bands. Keira, not wanting to make the same mistake twice, encourages Kellan to follow his dream and his talent even though her insecurities start to resurface. At first, Keira finds her time apart from Kellan surprisingly easy given all the romantic gestures he has left behind for her, but the more time they spend apart the more challenging it becomes for Keira to fight her insecurities. Keira feels like Kellan is hiding something from her, so when Keira bumps into her ex Denny and discovers he is back in Seattle for good, they rekindle an innocent friendship that she decides to keep hidden from Kellan.  When Keira and Kellan’s hidden secrets come out in an explosive confrontation, they discover that love, lust and desire are the easy and fun part of the relationship.  The hard part is trust, honesty and communication and it is “trust” which is the key for their relationship to survive.

For the first three quarters of this book, I still didn’t like Keira. I found her insecurities frustrating and annoying to the point I would call her being pathetic and hypocritical! I found her selfish and self-absorbed in her relationship with Kellan and her jealous streak demonstrated a real childish side to her character. She needed to be honest in her relationship with Kellan and stop playing games. But what I found even more frustrating was that Keira identified these qualities and emotions within herself, said she had to work on changing these qualities, but then kept on doing it! She kept making the same mistakes and going around in the same circles….arrrh she was so frustrating! But hallelujah, finally in the last quarter of this book I started to change my perspective towards Keira, she started to grow up and mature and all her good qualities started to shine, to the point she started to grow on me in a positive manner. I just hope this new self-discovery and growth for Keira keeps travelling in a positive direction and does not do a U turn when she hits a bump in the road – that will be her real challenge and true test!

Kellan, is the most romantic, emotional and soulful person, I love his character. His love for Keira is so deep and pure that his romantic gestures towards her when he was on tour won my heart! I loved how the story’s twist stirred up pain from his past, which leads him toward self-discovery and growth, not to mention giving a healing quality to him as well.

Effortless is a book in which all the characters, even Griffin to my pleasant surprise, all evolved and showed growth throughout the book. It was a real pleasure to read and witness this happening before my eyes and I look forward to their further self-discovery and growth.

Effortless is a beautifully written story about the new challenges and battles we face in relationships, self-discovery and growth. The reader truly witnesses some beautiful moments that I really enjoyed. I loved the Bathroom scene between Keira and Kellan at the party, but my favourite scene would have to be Christmas day and meaning of that day to Kellan, it really touched my heart.

I look forward in reading the next and final instalment of this series Reckless to see where the journey of self-discovery and growth for these characters ends!

lips grey 4

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