Review – Hot Blooded (The Wolf Spring Chronicles) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie



Book: The Wolf Spring Chronicles- Hot Blooded
Authors: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
Genre: Young Adult – Paranormal
Publication: Corgi Books
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 382
Reviewer: Kelly

What do you run from?

Katelyn had only been in Wolf Springs a short time before she was bitten by a werewolf.
And now she carries that creature’s curse in her veins.

But she’s not alone. Wolf Springs is home to a hidden family of werewolves, the Fenners- who swear none of them bit her. Apparently there’s a monster on the loose- something wild and uncontrollable.

And to make matters worse, Katelyn’s struggling to resist her own animal urges.
Especially around Trick and Justin.
Should she follow her heart- or her instincts?

Hot Blooded is the sequel to Wolf Spring Chronicles- Unleashed. The book begins right where the first book left off. Katelyn has just discovered she is a werewolf, having been bitten a month before. The repercussion of her bite has meant that her best friend, Cordelia, has been banished from the pack for keeping Katelyn’s secret.
Katelyn, once again, feels alone and needs to rely on the three men in her life, her grandfather, Trick and Justin. Her grandfather is teaching her many things about shooting, so that she can protect herself in the woods. Trick is doing his best to be her friend, but knows she is hiding something. Justin is trying to teach her the ways of the wolf, while at the same time keeping himself at a distance.
The Fenner’s are a family in crisis, with discord amongst the ranks, and the controversial decision to send Cordelia away weighing heavily on their leader’s shoulders. There is also the ever present fear that the rogue wolf that bit Katelyn is still out there and will come back to do more damage.

The book was easier to begin, as the reader is restless to discover some of the secrets and unfinished plot lines from the conclusion of the last book. The story clarifies a lot of secrets about the wolves and pack life that were not explained in the first novel.
The love triangle in the book becomes more of a forerunning theme which keeps the reader engaged. We are privy to Katelyn’s emotions and the development of her feelings for both boys, as she becomes more comfortable with her wolf self.
The main height of story peaks in the last two chapters with the ultimate fight scene! The storylines have been building to this point throughout the book, and it doesn’t disappoint! There is everything from frightening fighting, to protecting the ones you love, to families divided.

The book tied up a lot of loose ends left over from Unleashed. It was more engaging and it made the reader feel more at ease about what was going on. It also concluded with a cliff-hanger that leaves the reader wanting more, instead of feeling utterly confused! A good read!

lips grey 3.5

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