Review – Hidden by Marianne Curley



Title: Hidden
Authors: Marianne Curley
Pages: 325
Genre: Young Adult – Paranormal
Reviewer: Kelly

When he took Ebony from me, I knew I would spend my life searching for her. Now I have found her, he will do everything in his power to keep us apart.

Ebony has led a very sheltered life. She isn’t ready for the disturbing things which start happening to her. But these events are just part of a discovery that will rock her whole world.

Ebony’s life wasn’t ‘sheltered’- she was hidden away. Now her location is no longer secret, but who will find her first?

Hidden is a fictional story set in modern day, rural Australia. The story alternates narration between the two main protagonists Ebony and Jordan. Ebony and Jordan meet in the opening scenes of the first chapter, at a nightclub in their local town. They have an instant connection and throughout the story work hard to find out exactly what they connection is.
Ebony is the only child of a loving farming family. She has grown up in the Valley her whole life. She was home schooled as a child and has only recently began attending the local high school. Her parents kept her very sheltered from the outside world. She always felt she was different and never quite fit in. Her olive tanned skin, violet eyes and amazing strength and speed make her seem otherworldly.
Jordan is the poor, unloved boy in town, who has bounced from one foster home to another. His mother died when he was nine and his father left before he was born. He has struggled to fit in. He was once very close with Adam Skinner, but the two are now enemies. Jordan feels that his life is beginning to change when he meets Ebony.
The night they meet at the nightclub Jordan nearly dies, Ebony feels like she has some unusual power in her hands and Thane an angelic and mysterious twenty something rolls into town.

The book grabbed me from page one! I zoomed through the first four chapters, where it began to develop a bit of a love story. The character development and description set up the reader to be fully engaged in their lives and wonder how they fit together.
Then unfortunately the story lost some of its momentum. The author spent the middle section of the book explaining too much about the characters, the setting and world of angels. It became a little ‘clunky’ and convoluted, stunting the readers motivation to read on.
But I am glad I did! At last, in the final quarter of the book, the showdown we had been building to since the beginning came to fruition. The romance, the drama and the tension that we had been missing throughout the middle of the book was jam packed into the last few chapters. The ending left a lot of loose ends, which makes a perfect opening for a sequel.

The book began and ended strongly. It was such a shame that the middle section was so bogged down in detail that it made the reader lose interest. If it wasn’t for the middle section I would have rated it much higher.

lips grey 2.5



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